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Using the full windshield as the vehicles main display,
and utilizing various vehicle sensory information that’s tied to in-vehicle software and applications (live-driving, driver gaze, etc.), will provide drivers with never-before-seen driving eXperiences.

Although the volume size of Live Window products is compact, the area that can be seen with the eyes and the possibility of encountering new experiences through Live Window are maximum.
The compact display allows it to fit into any car, and the area illuminated by the live window is wide and deep.

Render information so

drivers can visually see it

LiveWindow creates an innovative driving environment by connecting various information necessary for driving, such as driver information, road information, and vehicle information. It uses front/driver view cameras/sensors to manage various modules for “vehicle localization”, “graphics rendering” and “eye tracking” and makes this information visible to the driver.

Obtain various information necessary for driving such as driver information, road information, and vehicle information

Through cameras and sensors

Render information so drivers can visually see it

Connecting all of these through the cloud

With these technologies, LiveWindow helps us have a safer driving experience by intuitively showing information
and gives us trust in driving.

Various information can be obtained in front of your eyes without distraction, and you can intuitively be guided in advance of various dangerous situations that cause accidents enabling safe driving, checking wether various functions are working well with both eyes, and taking a step forward to a more reliable future driving experience

In addition, the creator tool allows all drivers to change the road.

It provides the opportunity to create automotive AR cloud applications,

Windshields synchronize graphic overlays with the real world to enable "just drives".


With live windows, the automotive industry will completely change.


San Diego Location :
3655 Nobel Dr, Suite 500, San Diego, California 92122, USA

Incheon Location:
29F Posco Tower, 165 Convensia-Daero, Incheon, Korea

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