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By utilizing translucent digital imagery projected across the entire length of the windshield as the vehicle’s primary display, and integrating vehicle sensory information through onboard software and applications, LiveWindow provides driving eXperiences like never seen before.

LiveWindow's compact design allows it to be fitted to almost every type of vehicle, adding seamless visual overlays to the conventional vehicles we know today, without sacrificing its infinite-3D-depths and wide field-of-view.
LiveWindow detects driver-overlooked dangers by collecting essential driving data, such as driver information, road conditions, and vehicle data, by utilizing the network of front/driver view cameras and sensors for assessing 'vehicle localization', ‘graphical rendering', and 'eye tracking'.

LiveWindow enhances driver safety by intuitively displaying critical information, fostering trust and confidence. Essential driving data is presented within the driver's line of sight, minimizing distractions and helping avoid potential hazards, paving the way for a more reliable and futuristic driving experience.


The creator tool empowers users for reshaping driving eXperiences for themselves, and others, by presenting an avenue for developing augmented reality applications tailored for the automotive cloud.

LiveWindow will disrupt and alter how the automotive industry operates through various driver eXperiences.

Precise Navigation

Interactive overlayed graphics effortlessly guide drivers, eliminating confusion by avoiding vague voice guidance while reducing distractions from the infotainment, or smart phone, screens.

Hazard Prevention and Anticipation

Quickly detect and identify potential hazards not visible to the driver’s line of sight using various vehicle sensors, and promptly displaying notifications to the driver for intuitive guidance.

Driver Alertness Monitoring

Using embedded cameras to actively track the driver's face, eye movements, and head position, LiveWindow is able to provide timely alerts or interventions for the reduction of accidents caused by driver fatigue, inattention, or distraction.

Application Marketplace​

Automotive-specific app stores, which will offer a wide range of customized driver eXperiences, transforming vehicles into versatile service platforms.

Autonomous Driving Confidence

Builds trust between the driver and ADAS system by using the windshield as a visual communication channel to relay the system’s decisions being made.

Device Integration

By connect Uninterrupted access to important notifications and information from your connected devices, such as smartphones and laptops, even while driving. Our advanced in-vehicle system ensures safe and distraction-free delivery of these updates, eliminating the need for you to handle your devices directly or wait until you're stationary.

 Diverse Infotainment

Seamlessly integrates infotainment features, such as music controls, phone calls, or vehicle diagnostics, conveniently into the driver's field of view, reducing the need for drivers to look away from the road.

 AI Integration

Creating a distributed AI network offering automated communication for sharing sensor data that can be used for optimizing routes, safety coordination, behavior prediction, etc.

Digital & Physical Bridging

Bringing together the real and digital worlds we interact in day-to-day for seamless virtual overlays of the enhanced vehicle surroundings.

Dashboard Simplicity

With all necessary information displayed on the windshield, the instrument panels and interior design of cars can be gradually simplified for alternative uses.


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San Diego Location : 

3172 Lionshead Avenue, Carlsbad, CA 92010

Incheon Location :
29F Posco Tower, 165 Convensia-Daero, Incheon, Korea

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