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Using the full windshield as the vehicle’s main display and integrating vehicle sensory information connected to onboard software and applications (such as live-driving and driver gaze tracking), LiveWindow will provide drivers with state-of-the-art driving eXperiences.

Although the volume size of LiveWindow products is compact, the user’s visual field and the possibility of encountering new driving experiences through LiveWindow are maximized. 
The compact display enables it to fit into any car, while its wide field of view presents virtual objects in a deep and expansive area, delivering realistic visuals and clearly communicated information.
LiveWindow creates an innovative driving environment by connecting essential information for driving, such as driver information, road conditions, and vehicle data. It utilizes front/driver view cameras and sensors to manage modules for ‘vehicle localization’, ‘graphics rendering’, and ‘eye tracking’, and makes this information visible to the driver.
With these technologies, LiveWindow helps the driver have a safer driving experience by intuitively showing information and instilling trust in the driver.  
Essential driving information can be displayed right in the driver’s visual field without any other distractions, intuitively guiding the driver to avoid potential dangerous situations – taking a step towards a more reliable and futuristic driving experience.
In addition, the creator tool allows all drivers to change the road. It offers the opportunity to develop automotive AR cloud applications, where windshields synchronize graphic overlays with the real world to enable effortless driving experiences.
With LiveWindow, the automotive industry will be completely changed.

Precise Navigation

Precise Navigation

Integration of precise navigation graphics onto the road will show exactly where to go, avoiding vague guidance and confusion by helping drivers easily find their way.

Anticipating and Preventing Hazards

Quickly detecting and identifying potential hazards not visible to the driver’s line of sight using sensors, and promptly displaying notifications to the driver and providing intuitive guidance.

 Driver state Monitoring

Through internal camera and sensors, driver fatigue and gaze dispersion can be monitored, providing guidance to the driver for safer driving.

Diverse App Usage Through App Markets

Access to various apps via app markets allows for a wider range of customized experiences within the car, transforming the vehicle into a versatile platform.

Increased Reliability and Assurance in Autonomous Driving

By allowing various tasks to be done by the driver while maintaining forward attention onto the road, autonomous driving can be enjoyed more safely and confidently.

Device Integration

By connecting with various devices such as smartphones and laptops, drivers can receive notifications and integrate diverse information even while driving, expanded onto the wide display of LiveWindow.

 Diverse Infotainment

Drivers can enjoy various entertainment activites such as music, videos, games, and more while driving, making the journey more enjoyable and obtaining information in a more entertaining manner

 AI Integration

AI integation into LiveWindow’s system enables smart and efficient visualization of infotainment and allows intelligent driving.

Realistic &

Virtual Immersive City

Various AR object projections onto the road creates a novel and exciting hyper-realistic city.

Simplification of the dashboard

As all necessary information can be displayed and visualized by the windshield, the instrument panels and interior design of cars can be gradually simplified and more flexible, enabling a new era of automotive innovation and user experience.

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The automotive industry is undergoing its most significant change in a century, driven by the rapid development of electric and autonomous vehicles. The car replacement cycle is expected to shorten...


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